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WPFG's Community Issues and Missions program is meant to inform our listeners about the issues and missions programs that are taking place in our community.  New Community Issues and Missions programs will be published within 24 hours of the original airtime which is 5:00 P.M. every Saturday.

Kathy Briner is the host this week.  She takes the time to introduce us to Elijah Nagbe from Liberia.  Eliijah shares his life experience as a Pastor and servant.

Featuring Elijah Nagbe.  Interviewed by Kathy Briner.  Aired 7/22/2017.

Original Audio Source. (247 Elijah Nagbe 07-22-2017.mp3)

Pete and Carol return to share their Wycliff experiences of over 30 years as translators. They have an amazing story that you will want to hear!

Featuring Pete and Carol Unseth.  Interviewed by Giff Briner.  Aired 7/15/2017.

Original Audio Source. (246 Wycliff Ministries Pete And Carol Unseth Part 2 07-15-2017.mp3)

Pete and Carol Unseth from Dallas, Texas are visiting the WPFG studio.  They are Wycliff Ministries representatives who have had a 12-year ministry in Ethiopia.  As Wycliff trainers, the Unseth's  have a lot to inform us about. 

Featuring Pete and Carol Unseth.  Interviewed by Giff Briner.  Aired 7/8/2017.

Original Audio Source. (245 Wycliff Ministries Pete and Carol Unseth Part 1 07-08-2017.mp3)

Joyce Briner talks with Giff about the family unit.  Joyce is 89 years young and has a lot of wisdom to share.  Additionally, she has a very special relationship with Giff.  Tune in!

Featuring Joyce Briner.  Interviewed by Giff Briner.  Aired 7/1/2017.

Original Audio Source. (244 Joyce Briner - Christian Family 07-01-17.mp3)

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