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Two Guys With Heart

Two Guys With Heart is a radio program brought to you by Giff Briner, Board President of WPFG, and Dave Kyllonen, the Chaplain of WPFG. Their mission is to enlighten and encourage listeners about how to walk in faith as followers of Christ. Two Guys With Heart is new every Saturday and Sunday, on-air, at 8:00pm.

Dave Kyllonen and Giff Briner are on a role with the questions!  They have returned to ask the questions that the Bible has answers for, such as, "Is there more than one God?"  This is just their opening question for the day. 

Aired 5/28/2017

Original Audio Source (2GWH_324_05-28-2017.mp3)

Giff returns to the saddle from vacation.  He and Dave Kyllonen continue with all the questions Christian minds have wondered!  They begin with, "Was Jesus really God?"  Tune in!

Aired 5/27/2017

Original Audio Source (2GWH_323_05-27-2017.mp3)

Dave Kyllonen is still hosting while Giff is on vacation.  Brian Warner, Pastor of Church of God in Churchtown has returned. He and Dave continue to grow us with one question at a time! 

Aired 5/21/2017

Original Audio Source (2GWH_322_05-21-2017.mp3)

Giff is away and Brian Warner joins Dave Kyllonen.  Brian is the treasurer of WPFG, as well as the Pastor of Church of God in Churchtown.  Brian and Dave take turns questioning one another on matters of the Bible.

Aired 5/20/2017

Original Audio Source (2GWH_321_05-20-2017.mp3)

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